NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs
NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs

NAKEFIT PINK - 3 pairs

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3 pairs pack



                             HOW TO WEAR IT




  1. Before application make sure your skin is intact, clean, stretched and dry.
  2. Apply exclusively on foot soles, not suitable for other body parts.
  3. Handle the product with clean and dry hands, do not apply directly on wounds.
  4. Nakefit is recommended to be applied 30 minutes before going into the water, for best
  5. adhesion results.
  6. Remove the product gently.
  7. The product is single-use, and should be disposed after use.


  1. Excessive sweat may reduce Nakefit's adhesion.
  2. The product could leave adhesive residues: rinse withy lukewarm water carefully.
  3. In case of allergic reaction or irritation, remove the product immediately and seek medical advice.
  4. Do not swallow.
  5. Avoid contact with the eyes.
  6. After peeling off the protective film, don’t apply the adhesive sole on other body parts.
  7. Keep out of the reach of children and pets: don't leave the product unattended.
  8. Nakefit is not a toy: keep out of the reach of children and make sure the application of Nakefit-kids is performed by an adult.
  9. Nakefit is not a shoe and therefore cannot replace its normal function.
  10. The product may cause allergic reaction in synthetic products sensitive people.
  11. Nakefit is not anti-slip product. Do not use on slippery surfaces.
  12. Nakefit is not a thermal insulating product: so, it does not prevent burns and cold burns.
  13. Nakefit is not an anti-cut product: so, do not use on sharp surfaces.
  14. Do not use while manoeuvring electric devices, as it does not provide electrical insulation
  15. Do not dispose into the environment

How to conserve the product:

When not worn, the product shall:

  1. Be kept into its original packaging without opening it and without removing the protective film.
  2. Be not exposed to heat sources.
  3. Be not exposed to extreme cold.
  4. Be kept out of the reach of children.